Why PartsBingo



The auto industry today is undergoing some fundamental changes. As form factors are evolving and engines are adapting to changing consumer demand, the nuts and bolts of Vehicles are getting increasingly complex. The number of spare parts available has grown several folds in a short span and service centers are struggling to cope with this explosion in auto parts.


PartsBingo connects Sellers and Buyers of auto parts in a transparent marketplace and dramatically simplifies the process of auto part discovery and purchase. As a seller, you can expand your sales to a bigger network through PartsBingo. As a buyer, you can be assured of finding the perfect auto part, no matter how specific your requirement.



Better reputation means better business.


Cars don’t belong in a Garage or a shed. Their home is the road, their juice the gush of wind. PartsBingo was born from a simple idea – that we should get all Vehicles fixed up as quickly as possible so they can do what they do best – move!

Everybody wins with PartsBingo. Vehicle owners don’t fret about delayed service. Workshops turn around delivery quicker and build loyal customers. Wholesalers find customers from across the world. And guess who wins the most – the millions of vehicles that check into service centers across the world every day.

With this simple goal, PartsBingo has set about to revolutionize the automotive parts industry. By enabling digitization of the highly fragmented auto parts providers, suddenly everything has become easy. No supply chain bottlenecks, no stuck inventory, no opaque pricing and no frenzied customers.

We see this as just the beginning.. Watch this space as we race forward.